Solange Teases New Single With Game Of Suck And Blow

Beyoncé's sis will release 'Losing You' on October 2.

It's been four years since Beyoncé's funky little sister, Solange, has put out new tunes. And, it seems that the time has come for the big-haired songstress to let fans hear what she's been up to since 2008's Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams.

On Thursday (September 20), Solange dropped an audio and visual teaser for her next single, "Losing You." The clip features the song's world-music-influenced beat and audio samples certainly pay homage to Solange's love of subversive, hipster and indie counterculture. It was written by Solange and Dev Hynes (Florence and the Machine and The Chemical Brothers), who also produced it under the moniker Blood Orange.

The video follows suit, as it follows a group house partiers in world-influenced clothes, playing a lighthearted game of suck and blow. When it comes to Solange, instead of partaking, she takes the piece of paper from a fellow reveler's mouth and kisses him.

She dropped the teaser on her website and shared that it is officially set for release on October 2. For the clip, she worked with New York-based visual artist Mickalene Thomas.

"Was so honored to shoot this piece in the astounding works of the brilliant artist @MICKALENETHOMAS .Ive been inspired by her work for ages," she tweeted. "After using her work as a reference for so long, I decided to go out on a limb and ask @mickalenethomas to be apart of the project. I was so honored & beyond myself when @mickalenethomas let us shoot the piece in one of her brilliant installations."

Solange shot the video in South Africa and, speaking to the Sunday Times, she opened up about the video, noting that it would be filmed like a "stylized documentary," adding, "So the locations for my video will largely be inspired by the color in the architecture and townships around here. We'll just take a camera and see what happens."

That description certainly matches the one she used to describe her new batch of music — "eclectic with '80s references and African percussion influences."

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