Daniel Radcliffe Can't Tell A Lie About 'Pinocchio' Film

He isn't involved in reported Guillermo del Toro project — yet. 'I would love to talk to him about that,' Radcliffe tells MTV News.

How about some Daniel Radcliffe news to brighten your day? Specifically, how about an update from Radcliffe himself on those intriguing rumors circulating on the Interwebs that he's involved in a possible "Pinocchio" movie from the creative and twisted mind of fanboy-favorite director Guillermo del Toro?

"I have heard nothing about that, really," Radcliffe told MTV News recently. "It is one of those things that sort of appears on IMDb, and then I get asked about it, and I'm like, 'I don't know who started that.' I guess he said something in an interview, which is very flattering, and I would love to talk to him about that, but until that has happened, [I don't know]."

We then jokingly suggested that perhaps Del Toro has been speaking to a fake Radcliffe or imposter who's been signing him up for projects unbeknownst to the real British star.

"He might be. In which case he's got quite good taste, so I'm going to let this impersonator carry on doing good work for me," Radcliffe joked, before dropping a few names of other A-list, visionary directors he'd be happy for his fake self to meet and subsequently sign off on any future projects.

"David Fincher, Chris Nolan — there's tons," he said.

The busy young actor would have to find room in an already-packed schedule that includes a slew of exciting upcoming projects like the unconventionally emotional and dark film "Horns," the beatnik poet non-biopic "Kill Your Darlings" and playing a young Jon Hamm in "A Doctor's Handbook," which Radcliffe described as "very dark and also very funny."