Psy Plans To Teach Usher How To Dance 'Gangnam Style'

Korean pop star relives his first encounters with the Confessions singer as well as Drake.

In just two short months, Korean pop star Psy has gone from a relative unknown in the United States to having the #1 song on iTunes with his massive hit "Gangnam Style." He has taken the nation by storm, acquiring a new legion of die-hard fans and some A-list admirers as well, even if he is unsure of who they are.

"I was at the VMA and I was sitting down at the chair and someone asked me 'Hey, how much your music video cost? Hey, who write that track?' and I said 'I wrote that track' and he said, 'Oh yea? Wow,' but I didn't recognize who he was," Psy recently told MTV News. "And suddenly when they announced, 'The winner is Drake' and then he stands up. 'Oh is that Drake?' So Drake asked me something and I was like 'Who is he? Am I nuts?' So after he came back I said 'Drake I'm so sorry."

Shortly after his appearance at the Video Music Awards, Psy made a stop at "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," where he taught the host and Britney Spears his signature dance moves. Psy admitted that that even though he's been making television appearances for years in Korea, this one in particular made him extremely nervous.

"At the 'Ellen' show at the back screen I was waiting alone and I can see them sitting Ellen and Britney and Simon [Cowell] so I was like, 'Wow' I've done this for 12 years, but suddenly I'm getting nervous," Psy said. "What am I doing I'm getting nervous in 12 years. I felt like the very first year in Korea."

And since then it seems like everyone wants to learn his inescapable galloping horse dance that he portrays in the "Gangnam Style" video. However, there is one person in particular Psy really wants to see "dressing classy and dancing cheesy."

"My manager, his name is Scooter Braun. He is a really good friend of Usher so when I was in L.A. Usher called Scooter Braun and we talked on the phone," Psy said. "I asked Usher, 'Hey Usher if we met sometime I want to teach you how to dance' and he says 'What? Me! Me? Usher' and he was laughing all over 'All right, teach me sometime.' "

Yet, the celebrity encounter that has Psy most excited is the possibility of meeting one of his favorite movie stars, Tom Cruise. Recently, Cruise tweeted about his obsession with "Gangnam Style" asking his followers if his "Tropic Thunder" character, Les Grossman, should learn the dance. Well, Tom, if you want Psy to teach you lesson, you may have to do something in return.

"I heard that Tom Cruise tweeted about me. He followed me. Tom Cruise, 'Mission Impossible.' Tom Cruise, 'Top Gun,' " Psy said. "So if I have a chance I would like to learn some English from Tom Cruise."