Kanye West's Critics Only Prove He's 'Successful,' Pusha T Says

'I want him to keep being criticized; I want people to keep talking about him,' Pusha T tells MTV News of Cruel Summer criticism.

Why can't the critics just let Kanye West be great? After releasing five successful and critically acclaimed solo albums, the G.O.O.D. Music maestro gathered up his crew to release their first group project Cruel Summer on September 18, and the list of gripes with the LP is already a mile long. The naysayers aren't doing much harm though, since Pusha T tells MTV News that he hopes the criticism keeps coming.

The New York Times, for example, criticizes a "distracted" Kanye West — who openly brags about his fashion line and reality TV girlfriend on the LP — for delivering a few songs "with no trace of his trademark meticulousness." And that's just the beginning.

Kanye West obviously isn't new to criticism, as he notes in his rhymes that he feels the media is out to crucify him, but one has to wonder how his team is responding to the critiques, being creatively involved inCruel Summer. "I wanna be criticized as much as Kanye, because if I'm criticized that much I think it means I'm just as successful as him," Pusha told MTV News. "I want him to keep being criticized; I want people to keep talking about him."

"At the end of the day people say a lot of things but I don't even think they mean it half the time," he added. "Because they know that Kanye's great.

In the days immediately following the album's release, more than a few reviews continue to nitpick at Kanye's work on Cruel Summer, accusing him of giving it a half effort, but Pusha is clear about his thoughts on the project. "I definitely feel like Cruel Summer lives up to the hype," he says. "I definitely feel like Cruel Summer is the best compilation album of all crews to drop compilation albums. The music level is totally the upper echelon of hip-hop music."

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