Jake Gyllenhaal Can't Dance? He Thinks Otherwise

'Thank God I had a great partner in Anna Kendrick,' actor tells MTV News of grooving with 'End of Watch' co-star.

If Michael Peña is the man you want riding shotgun on patrol, then Anna Kendrick is the woman you want cutting a rug on the dance floor. That is, according to "End of Watch" star Jake Gyllenhaal.

In the cop drama, Gyllenhaal plays a member of the LAPD, who along with partner Peña, is hit-listed after confiscating contraband from a notorious cartel. And while the film is a gritty crime feature from the writers of "Training Day," it does boast a few moments of levity — including a cheeky wedding dance featuring Gyllenhaal and love interest Anna Kendrick. So when MTV News caught up with the actor recently, we had to get to the bottom of his boogey.

"Months and months of training for that," Gyllenhaal joked about the scene. "No, I have to say, thank God I had a great partner in Anna Kendrick in that scene. She was on fire. There were a number of moments that I made mistakes, but I just knew I had a solid in her. She took me through, she guided me through until there was a moment I had to do a breakdancing move, which I knew I had to do by myself. But I had a nice slick floor — they waxed it down for me, so I knew I was good to go."

So just to recap, the keys to an impeccable dance scene: Anna Kendrick, slick floors and absolutely no facial hair. None.

But how does the actor feel about his real-life moves?

"I do like to dance," he said, though you might not be able to tell as much by looking at him. "The go-to move — it's just a little bit of shoulder action," he continued. "You've just got to stand still and not make a fool of yourself, or actually, make a fool of yourself. Go for it.

"I've found myself dancing on a dance floor a couple of times, [and] people have come to me, like, looking at me with their eyes, quizzically, like, 'That's what you call dancing?' I say, 'Yes.' Van Gogh was not understood in his time either."

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