Ke$ha Reveals Title, Release Date Of New Album, Warrior

After spending the past few days dropping clues on Instagram, Ke$ha finally reveals detail about her first album since 2010.

Well, it's not like Ke$ha wasn't trying to spell it out for us.

Two days after she began posting a series of letters on Instagram — along with cryptic messages like "What's it all mean???" — Ke$h answered her own question Wednesday morning (September 19), revealing that she was spelling out the title of her new album: Warrior.

According to a message on her Twitter account — Ke$h has sort of become a social-media master, no? — Warrior will hit stores on December 4. But if that seems like too long of a wait, fear not, because she also let it be known that the first single off the album, "Die Young," will be available next Tuesday, September 25.

Ke$ha had previously announced the title of that single — on the VMA red carpet, nonetheless and had begun promoting it with a series of short YouTube clips, which show her singing the song (and terrifying commuters) in the Tokyo subway system.

When she kicked off her Instagram campaign on Monday with a photo of a Waffle House waitress holding a jagged "R," most fans quickly noticed a similar-looking letter also appeared on a pair of Rihanna's album covers, leading to rampant speculation that a team-up between the two was imminent. But, as the day went on, Ke$ha quickly revealed even more letters — the glittery "O" sort of quashed any possibility of a Rih Rih collabo — and she finally finished the game just after midnight, posting a pic of her in her witchy finest, palm open and painted with the letter "W."

From there, it was simply a matter of piecing things together. Warrior is Ke$ha's first studio album since her pair of breakout 2010 releases, the full-length Animal and the follow-up EP Cannibal.