'The Voice' Judges Get Tough As Blind Auditions Continue

Blake Shelton gets desperate as his fellow judges nab even more talented team members.

"The Voice" is cracking down the whip. Blind auditions continued Tuesday night, and judges Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton had no mercy.

Although Shelton played his "country card" to a positive response on Monday night, the ACM Male Vocalist of the Year couldn't even get one new member onto his team Tuesday. He even commented on feeling "losery" when considering the ratio of his button-pushing to recruits.

While there were no big surprises, there were a few interesting voices in the episode:

It's a Tough World Out There

Trevanne Howell probably already knew that. The single mother had been through her fair share of ups and downs and came to "The Voice" hoping to create a better life for her children. In a rare television move, the show opener didn't get through. "As sad as you are, nobody's sadder than Cee Lo," Shelton said. Howell had some great "moments" but taking on a Whitney Houston song might have been reaching too high, too fast.

Race to the Top

Former racecar driver Benji revved up the audience and the judges with his voice and now signature scream. Levine and Green both turned around for the talented singer. "You have a scream that should be heard by the entire world," Levine said, "You could wind up winning this thing, you're that special." Cee Lo was at a "loss for words" and eventually lost out to the Maroon 5 frontman.

Blossoming Butterfly

It was hard to believe looking at Joselyn Rivera that she ever had any health issues, let alone a neurological deficiency. The 17-year-old was advised to undergo music therapy as a child and came out of her illness stronger and more inspired to share the message of healing through the arts. Rivera won the hearts of Aguilera and Shelton, who resorted to lies to get Rivera on his side. "There are some people who quit singing just after they met her," Shelton said, accusing Xtina of abusing her contestants. He was called out for going a little too far.

The Vocal Coach That Couldn't

Lorraine Ferro came with a lifetime of music immersion under her belt and a strong résumé as a vocal and performance coach. But it was hard to tell when the 52-year-old took the stage and delivered a strained and over-exaggerated rendition of Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper." The judges weren't having any of it, with all of them passing. They said her performance was "inconsistent" and lacked control.

Soul Brothers

At least the show ended on a high note. Mycle Wastman has suffered many losses in his life, having lost both his parents to health ailments at a young age and recently his caretaker grandfather. But boy did he win on "The Voice." Levine, Green and Shelton started competing for Wastman right away. "You are the best vocalist we've heard today," Shelton said playing nice. "I was most excited about you than anyone else today," Green added, "nobody does soul music better than Cee Lo Green." Wastman agreed and signed on with Cee Lo.

With only a few spots left on most of their teams, the judges plan to be even more selective with contestants. For now, Green and Levine have the lead with 11 members, Xtina is third with 10, and Shelton lags with just seven.

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