Kreayshawn Isn't 'Dissing Anyone' On Somethin' 'Bout Kreay

'This isn't me proving to everyone that I'm actually the best; this is just me proving that I'm myself,' Bay Area rapper tells MTV News of debut album.

[artist id="3953557"]Kreayshawn[/artist]'s career got a kick start with her hit "Gucci Gucci," but the Bay Area rapper is officially looking at life beyond the viral hit with the release of her debut album Somethin' 'Bout Kreay on Tuesday (September 18).

The pint-sized rapper tells MTV News that the album is an eclectic mix of tracks that she put together primarily under the guidance of producer Jean Baptiste and his collective Free School. "It was a group of people who really understood how I am, so if I said, 'I want a crazy song that sounds like New Orleans booty bounce music or Chicago house,' he would know exactly what I meant," Kreayshawn explained.

Features on the album include Kid Cudi on the punk-inspired track "Like It Or Love It" and a 2 Chainz feature on "Syrup," and the 22-year-old said her lyrical content ranges as far as the beats and vibe of every song.

"The subjects fly around from nonsense to making too much sense and people might think I'm dissing people, but I'm not dissing anyone," she said. "It's just ... when I was in the head space of making the album I didn't wanna make an album that's like, 'This is me proving to everyone that I'm actually the best.' This is just me proving that I'm myself. This is the music that I like, and I'm gonna replicate the music that I like and put my own spin on it and put a little Bay Area in it."

Kreayshawn has been very hands on in every aspect of the album's creation, including the trippy cover art ("With the album art it was me trying to prove a point — that I'm insane") and the music videos for singles like "Go Hard (La.La.La)" which she wrote the treatment for after a trip to Japan. The video for "Go Hard" clearly reflect tidbits from her Japanese adventure, and she plans to have just as much creative input in all upcoming videos.

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