Ke$ha, What The Heck Are You Telling Us On Instagram?

Glittery singer is spelling out something, letter by letter ... her reps have no comment, but we know it's not 'Rihanna.'

In recent days, Ke$ha has announced the title of her brand-new single, "Die Young" (on the VMA red carpet, nonetheless) and revealed footage of her Tokyo takeover to promote the song. Though what she's up to with her latest stunt is anybody's guess.

It all began on Monday (September 17), when she posted a photo on her Instagram account of a kindly Waffle House waitress clutching the letter "R," along with a message that asked, simply, "What's it all mean???"

Of course, most fans quickly realized that the "R" in question looked very much like the "R" featured on several of Rihanna's album covers (including Rated R and Talk That Talk) and began speculating that a collaboration between the two was in the works.

Of course, Ke$ha only added to the mystery on Tuesday — and debunked any possibility of a Rih Rih team up — when she posted two more pictures ... one of the letter "A" (taken from a Jack Daniel's bottle, nonetheless) and a second of the letter "O" (this one was made out of glitter, since it is Ke$ha we're talking about here).

So what, exactly is she trying to tell us? Is she systematically spelling out the title of her new album (Roar? Road?), or perhaps touting her Return On Assets?

Not surprisingly, a rep for Ke$ha did not respond to MTV News' request for comment on the matter by press time — why ruin the surprise? — which means that all of us are going to have to remain glued to her Instagram for clues. Or photos of Ke$ha at the gun range. We all win.

Can you decode Ke$ha's secret message? Give us your best guesses in the comments!