Christina Aguilera Goes Pink And Chic In 'Your Body' Video Teaser

Singer hitchhikes through the desert and embraces her inner pyromaniac in the clip for her lead Lotus single.

Despite the new-age vibe of her album title, Lotus, from the looks of her clip for the lead single, Christina Aguilera doesn't seem to want to embrace her inner Zen just yet.

Early Tuesday morning (September 18), Aguilera released a teaser for her "Your Body" video, which was shot last month with Melina Matsoukas in the director's chair. The colorful clip follows Xtina as she hitchhikes her way through the desert in chic gypsy clothes, her hair long with streaks of pink.

From there, the teaser cuts to shots of the (soon to be former) "Voice" judge chilling on a couch and seducing a male cashier. The teaser closes out in the desert, where the diva saunters away from an exploding car.

Christina officially dropped her "Your Body" single last week, weeks after the bawdy Max Martin-produced club banger was leaked. She shared that the full video would drop soon. And, during a Twitter Q&A, she shared that fans should expect the video for the song to be "playful" and "tongue [in] cheek."

As for the album itself, which will hit stores in November, she noted, "Album title: Lotus. Representing an unbreakable flower that survives under the hardest conditions and still thrives. There will be a 'Lotus' intro to set the tone for the whole record. Conceptually I didn't target one particular sound/genre. Self expression and freedom [are album themes]. The album represents a rebirth for me."

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