'Boardwalk Empire' Season Premiere: Lingering Questions

Aside from the assertion that 'you can't be half a gangster,' Sunday night's season three premiere left many questions unanswered.

The long wait for season three of "Boardwalk Empire" ended Sunday night, and we now get to see where Nucky, Margaret and the rest of the gang find themselves after a year-and-a-half jump forward in time.

We basked in the HBO show's triumphant return, but there are still a few questions that we need answered in the coming weeks.

What is Gyp Rosetti up to?

Season three started with the definitely unhinged Gyp Rosetti explaining, with the help of a tire iron, that he isn't as dumb as he seems. The kind of explosive, passion-driven violence is not something we're used to seeing on "Boardwalk," which has typically executed its murders in cool, calculated plots. With Nucky already on Gyp's bad side, is it only a matter of time before the Sicilian gangster does some explaining to the former treasurer of Atlantic City?

Who's On Richard's Hit List?

It wouldn't be "Boardwalk" without a moment of sheer badass-ery from Richard Harrow. In this case, memories of the dearly departed Angela inspire Richard to pay a visit to her killer, Manny Horvitz. The shooting could be as simple as revenge for Angela's needless death, but Manny also played a role in Jimmy's downfall. The Darmody's were once Richard's only connection to real human interaction, so could we be seeing the beginning of a much longer revenge game for Richard?

Can Nucky and Margaret Fix Their Marriage?

Considering the way season two ended, it came as a surprise to see that the premiere only addressed the marital troubles of Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Thompson at the end. We spent the whole hour waiting to see how things stood between Nucky and the woman who signed away a fortune, and the answer came quickly and definitively once the New Year's party ended and the two were finally alone. If that weren't enough, Nucky is back to sleeping around. Can a relationship that started with the murder of Margaret's husband survive this?

Has Nucky Gone Full-Gangster?

Now that Nucky is back to sleeping around at the Ritz and ordering the murder of a thief right in front of him, we have to wonder how bad he will go. The tagline of the season ("You can't be half a gangster") and the end of season two seem to signal that Nucky is more than ready to embrace the transition. Plus, Gyp Rosetti seems destined to push Nucky even further.

Who the Hell Is Gaston Means?

Aside from Bobby Cannavale joining the cast as Rosetti, the other big addition is perpetual series-enhancer Stephen Root. His character, the mysterious Gaston Means, will make his first appearance next week, but even then, we will have to wait and see where he fits in all of this. Check out our interview with Root above to learn a little more about Mr. Means.

What questions do you have after the season premiere of "Boardwalk Empire"? Let us know in the comments below!

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