How Katy Perry Went Dark: From Cotton Candy To 'The Craft'

As 'Part of Me' concert doc hits DVD, stylist Johnny Wujek opens up to MTV News about the pop star's evolving look.‬

Johnny Wujek still remembers the first time he met Katy Perry, nearly a decade ago, at a party in the Hollywood Hills. As now, Perry made quite an impression, sauntering up to the native Midwesterner, who was just beginning to carve out his path as a stylist.


"She came up to me and asked if I was on her team or her cute guy friend's team, and I said 'his team,' " Wujek reminisced with a laugh to MTV News last Thursday. "She screams across the bar, 'See, I told you he was gay!' I was like, 'Who is this girl?' "‬ ‪

Wujek didn't know it yet, but that gutsy girl was a pop icon-in-the-making, one whose rise would culminate in the multiplatinum 2010 album Teenage Dream and a massively successful tour of the same name; that international run would also form the basis of this year's heart-wrenching concert documentary "Katy Perry: Part of Me" (with several cameos from Wujek himself).‬

But back then, both were just recent transplants to Los Angeles hoping to strike the mythical gold that beckons so many to the city. The pair exchanged numbers and the ex-model/actor told the aspiring singer to call if she ever needed to "borrow a dress."‬ ‪

Could three words have been more prescient? Perry called Wujek two days later, he recalled, and sparked the sartorial partnership that gave us everything from the fruity, Carmen Miranda-inspired moment that was Katy's debut, One of the Boys, to the sugary confections of Teenage Dream, the latter of which come to life in the "Part of Me" doc, out Tuesday on DVD and Blu-Ray for fans who missed the big-screen 3-D release.‬

Having executed Perry's specific vision for a "candyland" universe with inventions like cool-whip-dispensing bras and a frock of spinning peppermint wheels, however, Wujek joked that he was happy to close that chapter, albeit "with a stomachache and cavities." Trading cotton candy for capes in her "Wide Awake" video — the clip's plot openly nods at the end of her Dream cycle — Perry has recently evolved her look from what the stylist calls "bubble-gum" princess to dark-haired fairy queen.

So we've been curious to know where Perry's evolution would take her next. Wujek, who scoured old costume houses for "The Craft"-inspired rentals that give "Wide Awake" its goth-like, '90s finish, hinted that Perry may have found her next story, as they say in fashion.‬

"I personally like where it is right now, kind of in the darker world and rock and roll," Wujek admitted. "She's so rock and roll, she's got her guitar; she's always had that undertone, so I think it'll probably go in this direction."‬

‪Still, with a pop star like Perry, he was quick to hedge: "It's hard to predict."‬

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