Wiz Khalifa: 'Sky's The Limit' For 'American Idol' Judge Nicki Minaj

'I could end up judging 'America's Got Talent, and I smoke pot,' Wiz laughs to MTV News about what Nicki's new gig signifies.

Nicki Minaj's new gig as an "American Idol" judge isn't just a win for the Young Money lyric queen — the move could potentially open doors for other rappers to get prime-time looks.

"Sky's the limit," Wiz Khalifa told MTV News on Saturday night when we asked for his reaction to the all-but-confirmed buzz. "I could end up judging 'America's Got Talent,' and I smoke pot, freely."

Wiz, who was rocking New York City as a part of the Heineken Red Star Access Tour, laughed at the thought that he might have a shot at being a celebrity judge. But he was clearly impressed by Nicki's latest endeavor. "That's crazy because I heard a lot of the rumors and stuff like that, but for that to be reality that's insane, man," the Taylor Gang captain said. "I don't think anybody could ever imagine or see that going that way. Not in any negative purpose, but it's like, 'Wow.' "

On Sunday (September 16), it all became official when "Idol" confirmed that Minaj would join judges Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and everyone's favorite "dawg," Randy Jackson, on the upcoming 12th season of the top-rated talent showcase.

The new "Idol" crew is wasting no time. Nicki will start by helping to hand-pick talent in her hometown. "New York auditions today & tomorrow! See ya there barbz!!!!!!!!! #AmericanIdol :p," the Pink Friday MC tweeted earlier Sunday.

As Wiz said, capping off his reaction to Nicki's new gig, "It's big."

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