Kristen Stewart: 'Cool Guys Are Cool'

Actress explains why 'On the Road' leading man, played by Garrett Hedlund, was so irresistible.

If there's one thing fans of "On the Road" can agree on, it's the fact that protagonist Dean Moriarty is one of the most charming and memorable aspects of Jack Kerouac's beloved beatnik classic.

The same goes for its big-screen adaptation, according to early reviews, which highlight star Garrett Hedlund's performance as Moriarty — whose real-life inspiration/model is beat generation hero Neal Cassady.

When MTV News caught up with Hedlund's co-star Kristen Stewart recently, we asked if it's safe to say that all women, Stewart included, are attracted to Moriarty-esque characters, men who exude confidence, charm and charisma.

"Honestly, the man that Dean Moriarty represents was so ... we got to talk to a lot of people who knew him and read everything about him and even his wife Caroline said that she's literally never encountered anyone like that in her life," Stewart said. "But generally speaking, yeah, sure, girls like a guy who is cool."

The "Snow White and the Huntsman" star said that it's not just the "cool factor," it was an almost inexplicable and magical irresistibility that Moriarty projected, which made everyone he met instantly attracted to him, in some way or another.

"He really had something that was magic. Everyone that talked about him and everyone who's written anything about him and everyone has written their own book or everyone's written a memoir, I think that he was one in a million," she said, before adding her own personal preference: "But yeah, sure, cool guys are cool," she said with a smile.

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