Seth MacFarlane Praises 'Enormously Talented' Frank Ocean Before 'SNL' Debut

MTV News caught up with 'Ted' creator during 'Saturday Night Live' rehearsal.

The 38th season of "Saturday Night Live" kicks off in a big way this weekend with multi-talented host Seth MacFarlane and musical guest/recent VMA showstopper Frank Ocean. There are new castmembers to vet, a political election to satirize and plenty of pop culture news to riff on, so we can't wait to see what the SNL players have in store for their season opener.

MTV News got a few moments with the first-time SNL host during this week's rehearsals to see we can expect from him and the cast on opening night. Any politically themed sketches or President Obama impressions?

" 'SNL' has a long, rich history of political sketches, and there are some [this week]," MacFarlane teased, adding that the biggest emotion he's feeling about the gig is the overall thrill of being there.

Speaking to resident genius impressionist Jay Pharoah's debut as Barack Obama, MacFarlane basically said that we won't be disappointed in any way.

"He's a brilliant, brilliant guy. His Denzel Washington is hauntingly awesome [and] his [Obama] is great," he said.

We then asked MacFarlane to weigh in on musical guest Frank Ocean and how his R&B stylings work into the variety show.

"Frank is a huge get for the show. He's the guy right now," MacFarlane said. "I'm scandalously ignorant when it comes to almost all popular music but he's huge; he's like the biggest act in the world right now and is an enormously talented guy."

What should we expect from Seth, Frank and the crew Saturday night? Give us your predictions in the comments!