Justin Bieber's 'Just Getting Started': The Juiciest Revelations

MTV News rounds up some of the best bites from Bieber's brand-new book.

In his latest hardcover, "Just Getting Started," Justin Bieber makes sure his fans feel the love. Part memoir, part coffee-table book, the follow-up to 2010's "Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story" is even dedicated to his Beliebers. "To all my friends, my family and my Beliebers... our journey continues. Thank you and I love you. #Believe."

Inside, Bieber takes us through his hectic life as an international superstar. And while the shirtless photos might have fans drooling, it's some of the singer's more intimate revelations that will leave them swooning. Inside he opens up about his family-filled 18th birthday, his favorite cities around the globe and the making of Believe. But, he also gets candid about some the many ups and downs of life in the spotlight.


Bieber felt inspired by his pal Taylor Swift to not only play Madison Square Garden but also sell it out, the way she did in 2009. He recalls telling his manager, Scooter Braun, that they had to go for it. "That night I looked at Scooter while we were standing in the pit and said, 'This is what I want to do for the rest of my life'," he writes. " 'And I want to sell out this arena'." Bieber would later accomplish this in 2010 and use his MSG show as a component in his movie "Never Say Never."

That Whole Paternity Suit Thing

He later addresses his 2011 paternity scandal, during which Mariah Yeater accused him of fathering her child after a backstage tryst. "So let's just get to it" he writes, before noting "she had absolutely no evidence to verify her claim" (which is probably why she later dropped the suit). "It's hard enough to be a teenager going through regular stuff, but doing it under the microscope of the press just amplifies what's already awkward to begin with. That would be tough for any kid."


In 2010, overwhelmed by his fame, Bieber almost wanted to quit the business for good. But, he looked to Nike's best motivational speaker, Kobe Bryant, for some encouragement to stay in the game a little bit longer. "For the first time, I think I understood that I will never be normal again," he shares. "I want to grow up as an artist, as an entertainer, and I want to perfect it along the way. What I got from Kobe that night is that all I can do is strive to be my best, and the rest will come."

Hide and Go Seek

In the section, billed as such, Bieber shares what he does to let loose on tour. "For security reasons, we sometimes have to take a whole floor of a hotel. It doesn't happen a lot, but when it does we often get into epic games of hide and go seek." And after countless shows across the country, he's got his strategy down to a science. "Can you keep a secret? OK, so check this out. What most of the crew doesn't know is that I create alliances with certain people during these games." Secret's out, Bieber.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Fittingly in the section titled "Swaggy," he jokes about his 2011 haircut, which later made headlines for weeks. Writing about the decision to chop off his signature swoop, he says, "It's a haircut, people! Just a haircut. The fabric of the universe wasn't altered- just the length of my hair!"

And the Grammy Goes to...

While most of the book is reflective of his life so far, he also does share what he wants for the future. "I am still young and have a lot I still want to do," he writes. "When I think about the future, I hope to someday win a Grammy (or two), and maybe do a little acting. I enjoy the process of making great music... and I hope to keep doing that too."

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