Psy Begs Mayor For Fired Lifeguards' Jobs Back

Korean star tells MTV News it was 'not fair' to fire lifeguards who used a public pool to shoot 'Gangnam Style' parody.

It's safe to say that with more than 167 million views on YouTube, Psy's"Gangnam Style" is making an impact on American pop culture.

Following his appearance at the Video Music Awards, Psy has taught Britney Spears and Ellen DeGeneres his signature dance moves and had the crowd screaming "Hey, sexy lady" during his performance on the "Today" show.

With his overnight success and newfound U.S. fanbase, many admirers have taken it upon themselves to create parody videos of the viral hit. Yet, there is one "Gangnam Style" video that may have backfired. Last month, 13 El Monte, California, lifeguards and their supervisor lost their jobs after posting their video spoof, "Lifeguard Style," while using the city's pool facilities without permission.

On Friday (September 14) Psy, who just signed with Scooter Braun's Schoolboy Records, stopped by MTV News and admitted he is willing to help out the group of lifeguards.

"Unfortunately, I'm a rookie here. When I become a big star here, I really want to help them out because that's not fair. I don't think so," Psy said. "What did they do? They weren't wrong? I think it was off duty — that's what I heard. They can be more flexible to each other."

The video, which has more than 150 million YouTube views, was edited and posted on August 26 by Michael Roa, who worked at the El Monte Aquatic Center for seven years.

"We were trying out some dance moves," Roa told the L.A. Times "We didn't think we did anything offensive."

L.A. Times reached out to Mayor Andre Quintero, who admitted that it was "a very good parody," but still wasn't considering giving them their jobs back.

"If these employees wanted to produce a video for their own enjoyment and memories, they could have asked for permission and shared the video with their family and friends," he said. "Using a medium that is less public."

Yet, Psy feels that these college-aged students, who are attempting to win back their jobs, should get a second chance and has a message for Mayor Quintero.

"If you may know me or not, but if you know me and if not sooner you're going to know me, I'm begging you to not fire please," Psy pleaded. "Because they were enjoying their souls with some other cultures and it was even off duty... so please if you know me. "

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