Jillian Jensen Relives Her ‘X Factor’ Moment With Demi Lovato

'It made me very, very emotional knowing that this is the person who gave me courage to continue,' bullied singer tells MTV News.

Jillian Jensen’s “X Factor” audition on Wednesday night became one of those reality-TV moments that everyone talks about the next day. Not because the judges said something awesomely mean or because she totally tanked or sang like a golden angel from heaven, but because it was a real moment.

“I’ve probably watched it 20 times and I cry every time … and that’s me up there,” Jensen told MTV News on Thursday (September 13) about the tearjerker moment that, yes, almost made stonehearted judge Simon Cowell shed a tear. “I’m a very bubbly person onstage usually, and that’s where I’m most comfortable. … It’s the only place I feel comfortable. But when I walked onstage, my family said they’ve never seen me more scared poopless in my entire life. I was petrified beyond words.”

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