Pink Teams With Lily Rose Cooper On Bittersweet 'True Love'

Track off upcoming Truth About Love finds Pink dishing on drama with the newly named U.K. singer.

One day after Pink partied with Eminem on the new track "Here Comes the Weekend," she's getting feisty with Lily Rose Cooper (formerly known as Lily Allen) on "True Love," another collaboration off her upcoming The Truth About Love album.

The song features Pink and Cooper trading verses about the frustrations of falling in love — "You're an a--hole, but I love you," Pink sings, while Cooper counters with, "Sometimes I wonder how we ever came to be/ But without you, I'm incomplete" — before both agreeing in the chorus that "I think it must be true love." Fans can follow all the back-and-forth in a lyric video, which Pink posted to her Vevo channel.

Part bitter and part sweet, "True Love" is very much in line with the sentiments Pink is warily embracing on The Truth About Love ... namely, an inner peace and a newfound happiness. As she joked to MTV News earlier this summer, "listening back on this album as a whole thing, it's still a clusterf---, but I realize I must be happier ... it's kind of scaring me."

Like a handful of tracks of her upcoming album, Pink wrote "True Love" with Greg Kurstin, who also produced Cooper's last album, 2009's It's Not Me, It's You. Kurstin is currently working with Cooper on the follow-up to that album, which will mark her return to music after taking time off to get married and have a child.

There's still no word on a release date for Cooper's latest, but Pink's The Truth About Love is due in stores on September 18.