'The Voice' Heats Up During Third Night Of Blind Auditions

Adam Levine nabs a reggae singer while Blake Shelton steals the series' first mother/daughter duo.

The reality competition stand-off began as "The Voice" went head-to-head with "The X Factor" on Wednesday night with its third round of blind auditions. Despite a slip in ratings, "The Voice" returned with more surprises than ever before.

Day two of the blind auditions had judges Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton in the lead with four team members, but Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green nabbed Wednesday night's most interesting singers.

Fly For A White Guy

Who would've thought a Caucasian kid from Colorado could channel Bob Marley? "This show is perfect for me because I sound different than I look," 19-year-old Samuel Mouton said. It was no surprise three out of the four judges turned their chairs for him and Shelton totally regretted his decision not to. "I'm looking forward to see them fight for you," Shelton said. Levine, Green and Aguilera all waved their hands in the air like elementary school kids, and Mouton finally settled on Levine.


Former boy bander Chris Trousdale seemed like a shoe-in with his opening package. His good looks, crazy dance moves and the fact that he was part of Dream Street with Jesse McCartney made him the obvious Tony Lucca of season three ... until he sang, that is. Although he didn't make it on the show, Trousdale did challenge Shelton to a moonwalk faceoff and well, at least one of them could sing.

Girl Power

The show found its first mother/daughter duo in 2Steel Girls. Coming from a family of musicians, the pair described the struggles they faced to make their dreams come true. While each was strong on their own, the women, together, were a force to be reckoned with. Levine described them as a "freight train, angry, jilted women." Green and Shelton were both vying for the duo, but it was Shelton that won out, "For the love of God, pick me!" he exclaimed.

D to the O to the M to the O

A professional hip-hop dancer from the Bronx, Domo's bio read like fine print at the end of a contract. "In China, I'm like Lady Gaga," the larger-than-life singer said. She even compared her dance ability to that of Michael Jackson and her singing to Mariah, but channeled her inner Pussycat Doll for her performance and definitely set the room ablaze. Or maybe that was just Green's pants. He turned around instantly and enjoyed a personal performance by the young diva. "Cee Lo, you're going to have some fun with this one," Aguilera said.

An Angel Sings

The show ended on a very bright note with the chocolaty smooth voice of 34-year-old Nicole Nelson. All four judges pushed their buttons for the R&B singer and the sales pitches began. "Sometimes good voices come along and then great voices come along," Aguilera said, trying to win Nelson to her side. And as Nelson explained her herbal regimen, Shelton piped in "I am also an organic kind of guy," to which Levine responded, "Like all the organic bull that comes out of your mouth." Nelson ended up on Team Adam, more so because he pressed his button first.

The competition is well under way as Levine grabbed two strong members, and Green, Aguilera and Shelton walked away with one each. Blind auditions continue next week as each judge tries to fill up its 16-member team with the cream of the crop.

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