'X Factor' And 'Voice' Rivalry: Is Simon Cowell Worried?

'They're trying to stop you from watching it,' he tells MTV News of head-to-head scheduling. 'It may backfire on them.'

If you're a fan of reality TV singing competitions, your viewing cup runneth over these days with several ways to discover soon-to-be stars. This week marked the premieres of two very high-profile offerings: "The Voice" and "X Factor."

There are many similarities, of course, particularly given the fact that both shows have the same agenda: finding undiscovered singing talent and making them into record-selling superstars. They also both boast a roster of relevant musicians who have achieved their own success in the record industry. The big differences lie in the way each program goes about finding and later whittling down its pool of talent.

Politically correct pleasantries aside, which show is better? MTV News recently caught up with expert talent scout and "X Factor" creator Simon Cowell for his unfiltered, unsurprisingly frank thoughts on the subject — totally objective, of course!

"It is a better show," Cowell said about why viewers should tune into "X Factor" over "The Voice." "The show has been going for seven or eight years. It's my favorite show. This [premiere] episode is the best we've ever made, especially with the girls [new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato]. The show just looks better, and that's the reason 'The Voice' did what they did," Cowell added, speaking to the last-minute decision by "Voice" showrunners to add a third night to their programming, causing it to overlap with the "X Factor" debut Wednesday night (September 12). "They're trying to stop you from watching it. It may backfire on them."

So which show will you tune into tonight? Let us know in the comments!