2 Chainz And Big Sean 'Swerve' In G.O.O.D. Music Dance-Off

Rappers bicker over who has the better dance moves ahead of Cruel Summer release.

It was all good just a week ago, but now there seems to be some beef brewing inside of the G.O.O.D. Music camp.

It all started on September 3, just days before the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards when 2 Chainz proclaimed himself the best dancer to MTV News. "Chris Brown, watch out, Chainz boasted while busting a few moves for the camera at Staples Center. "Usher can't touch me."

Deuce's humble brag didn't seem to bother Chris Brown or Usher. Actually, we don't even know if it hit their radar, but his G.O.O.D Music homey Big Sean took exception. Sean urged fans to look reexamine the "Mercy" video where both he and 2 Chainz appear.

"I got the best moves," Sean told us on September 5 in reaction to 2 Chainz's statement. "I got the best. I be swervin'. Swerve, c'mon, that was me!"

The "swerve" dance that Sean refers to is showcased prominently in the black-and-white "Mercy" video as the Finally Famous MC waves his hands to and fro as if he's steering a very large car. The shimmy has already caught on in the clubs, but Chainz, who is closely affiliated with but not officially signed to G.O.O.D., isn't impressed. "Swerve? Swerve, it's only one move. I got multiple moves," he said in protest. "I would take the swerve and I would make that into something else. He has to build up on his dance moves. I have more than one move."

2 Chainz is most known for his frantic two-step, where he throws his hands in the air as if he's playing the maracas and spins around in a circle. It's the same one he showcased dancing up against Nicki Minaj in her "Beez in the Trap" video.

It doesn't seem that the two celebrated lyricists will cave, and with just a week before Kanye's crew drops their long-awaited Cruel Summer album on September 18, this could become a distraction — or just a funny inside joke. "It ain't even no question who got the best moves, the Detroit player got the best moves man," Sean said confidently.

"I'm the best-dancing rapper," 2 Chainz fired back. "I'm just trying to go at these R&B cats."

Who has the best dance moves: 2 Chainz or Big Sean? Sound off in the comments!