Muse Call 'Exogenesis' Lawsuit 'Complete Nonsense'

British band responds to a songwriter's copyright claims and 'categorically deny' they ripped off anyone's ideas for 2009 album The Resistance.

Last week, Muse's record company, Warner Music, was hit with a $3.5 million copyright infringement suit, alleging that the band ripped off a songwriter's idea on their 2009 album The Resistance. And on Tuesday (September 11), they answered to that claim, calling the suit "complete nonsense."

The suit in question was filed in a Manhattan courthouse by Charles Bollfrass, a songwriter who says Muse stole his idea for a "cinematic science-fiction rock opera" called "Exogenesis," which also happens to be the name of the three-part suite that concludes the English rockers' Resistance album. In the suit, Bollfrass — who says he reached out to Muse with his idea in 2005 — also alleges that the cover of that album features an image taken directly for the storyboards for his rock oper, and is suing for copyright infringement, unfair trade practices and unfair competition.

But according to Muse themselves, those claims are nonsense. In a statement released by their spokesperson, they not only deny Bollfrass's charges, but seem determined to fight them no matter the cost.

"The claim is complete nonsense, and is categorically denied. It appears to be based on a 'screenplay' which the band never received or saw, produced by someone the band has never heard of," their statement read. "It speaks volumes that the album in question was released a full three years ago, and yet this is the first that has been heard of these groundless allegations."

The statement was accompanied by a note from Warner Music, who say they will "aggressively defend this lawsuit," and added that "the band is exploring what remedies may be available to them in the U.S. in relation to these untrue and baseless allegations."

Muse will release the follow-up to The Resistance, an "absurd" post-apocalyptic album called The 2nd Law in the U.S. on October 2.