'Twilight' Movie Marathon: Five Survival Necessities

Before you post up at the theater to watch the series all over again, make sure you pack these must-haves.

Another week, another seven days we can cross off our countdown calendar for the release of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." And now that we've been able to calm ourselves after the debut of the new trailer at the VMAs last week, it's time to look ahead to future "Twilight"-related excitement, by way of the news of the "Twilight" movie marathon.

The announcement came Monday that the marathon will be taking place at select theaters on November 15, beginning with an afternoon screening of "Twilight," followed by "New Moon," "Eclipse," "Breaking Dawn: Part 1," and finally culminating in the theatrical release of "Breaking Dawn: Part 2." Have you bought your tickets yet? Here are five items you'll need in order to survive the 10-plus-hour extravaganza:


It's the building block of life, people. And since we're not built like the Cullens, we all need it to survive. The less sugar-added the better, although if any of you die-hard fans happened to stockpile that "Eclipse"-themed Vitamin Water from a few years back, that would make a welcome addition to the kit. I'm thinking 8 to 16 oz. per movie would be a good way to go, which means you'll have to plan visits to the restrooms strategically.


As enticing as movie theater treats always are, if you rely solely on buttered popcorn and candy to keep you going, chances are you're going to crash well before the tent scene (my favorite of the franchise!) in "Eclipse." Energy bars are a great idea because they're no-muss-no-fuss, for the most part, so is trail mix. Why not pack some fruit and veggies like apples and carrots? 5-Hour Energy may also be included in an "emergency reserve pack." "Twilight" fans have so many natural endorphins and enthusiasm they probably won't need any energy boosters.

Throat Lozenges

If there's one thing I know about "Twilight" movie screenings, it's that there is always lots of screaming. Now I certainly don't recommend holding yourself back in any way, this is the last hurrah after all, but be mindful of your vocal chords and don't forget they need TLC too. Don't leave home without a bag of your favorite throat lozenges or whatever throat coat remedy you prefer.

Smelling Salts

This item could also be included in the "emergency reserve pack," as it's more precautionary than anything. But it's a good idea to have some sort of revival aid on hand. You never know when you might reach "Edward Cullen overexposure" or be incapacitated by the abundance of Taylor Lautner abs. And if you don't need it, you'll be prepared to assist fellow fans with any fainting spells.

Phone chargers

This one might be one of the most important items on the list. How else are you going to be able to talk about and properly share the experience if you don't have the requisite juice to keep your phones/tweets/status updates powered up? I know there are a couple of self-powered battery packs out there on the market, which would be ideal in this scenario so you don't have to fight other fans for outlet space.

Did we miss something on our list? Let us know what you're bringing to the "Twilight" marathon in the comments!

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