Sean Paul To Bring His Tomahawk Technique To 'RapFix Live'

SP and a surprise guest will sit down with Sway on Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET on

Sean Paul has spent the better part of the last decade taking dancehall music to new heights. Now, he's going to look back on it all and glance into the future on Wednesday when he sits down with MTV News' Sway Calloway on "RapFix Live."

After laying the groundwork in Jamaica's storied underground with songs like "Deport Them," the reggae singer exploded on the international scene in 2002 when he dropped his sophomore album Dutty Rock. Tracks like "Gimme the Light," "Get Busy" and "Like Glue" pushed Paul's breakout LP well past platinum and eventually earned him a Grammy Award in 2004 for Best Reggae Album.

Paul's follow-up albums, 2005's Trinity and 2009's Imperial Blaze, went on to produce even more hits, including "Temperature" and "So Fine." Not only has he crafted hits for himself, Sean has been a bankable guest star, appearing alongside Beyoncé on "Baby Boy," Busta Rhymes on "Make It Clap" and Estelle on "Come Over." SP's latest single "How Deep Is Your Love" pairs him with Kelly Rowland and properly sets up his fifth LP, Tomahawk Technique, which drops on September 18.

That's not all "RapFix Live" has to offer this week. Fans can expect the most up-to-date news and hear some brand-new rap talent in our "Get in the Game" segment. If that all wasn't enough, we also have a special surprise guest that we can't announce yet. You're just going to have to stay tuned.

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