Beyonce, Amber Rose Master The VMA Baby-Bump Reveal

We look back on Queen B's unforgettable revelation after Wiz Khalifa and Amber hit this year's red carpet for their pregnancy announcement.

Some celebrities choose the cover of a celebrity weekly to announce their baby news, but if you're a music industry A-lister, these days there's no better place to proudly display your baby bump for the first time than at the MTV Video Music Awards.

After Beyoncé made her unforgettable pregnancy reveal at the 2011 awards show, Wiz Khalifa and his fianceé, Amber Rose, hit this year's pre-show red carpet at Los Angeles' Staples Center to confirm they were expecting a bundle of their own.

Like Amber, Beyoncé first teased her good news to fans while walking last year's VMA carpet; photographers snapped the mommy-to-be in in a flowing orange Lanvin gown, and that image quickly went massively viral. By the time the show started, though, the singer had changed into a fitted tuxedo for her performance of "Love on Top." And it was then that she announced to the world she and her hubby, Jay-Z were expecting with a drop of the mic, a rub of the belly and these words: "I want you to feel the love that's growing inside me.

At that moment, Jay, with his Watch the Throne pal Kanye West by his side, smiled giddily from the audience. (B and Jay later welcomed daughter Blue Ivy.)

Cut to this year's Video Music Awards. When it came time for Wiz and Amber to confirm their rumored pregnancy, they looked no further than the VMAs borrowing a play from the Jay-Z/ Beyoncé book.

"Sway, you know you my brother, man, so we had to do it with you first and we had to do it with the whole world, and just let everybody know that we're expecting a beautiful young baby," Khalifa told our own Sway on the carpet. "We're having a baby!"

Donning a skin-tight lace gown, Amber added with lots of giggles, "I'm hot and my feet hurt. I want to go sit down, but thank you."

The parents-to-be also opened up about their forthcoming new addition to MTV News' Jim Cantiello while backstage at the VMAs. They revealed just how they reacted when they realized they had a baby on the way. "We found out this summer, and it was more of a celebration than anything," the rapper said, adding, "I did a backflip; she was doing this little dance that we made up."

Amber interjected that they even have a name for the dance: "It's called the monkey-butt dance!"

Wiz further explained, "I've been pretty focused my entire life, and now that I have a family, I'm just going to keep that focus, but it's going to be a family focus."

"He's a rock star, so it's never going to stop," his lady added.

So, who will have the big baby news at the VMAs come 2013? You only have to wait another 12 months to find out!

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