Fun. Compare 'Carry On' Video To A Juicy, Delicious Steak

'We're not exactly doing something groundbreaking,' says singer Nate Ruess, 'but steak isn't groundbreaking either.'

LOS ANGELES — Sometimes you just need to put the high-concept tricks on the shelf and be yourself. That's what "We Are Young" trio Fun. decided when it came time to film a video for the third single off their breakthrough album, Some Nights, "Carry On."

After going through the bottle-smashing, bar-brawling slow-motion paces in the club show clip for "Young" and going to (civil) war
 in the dramatic mini-movie for the title track, Fun. were ready to take it back a notch in the "Carry On" clip.

"I'm excited about the video because we're not ... this might sound weird, but we're not exactly doing something groundbreaking," said singer Nate Ruess of the upcoming video, whose release date has not yet been announced. "But steak isn't groundbreaking either."

While that sounded cryptic, after a thoughtful pause, guitarist Jack Antonoff said he understood what Ruess meant, as did keyboard player Andrew Dost. "I understand what you're saying, we're not reinventing the wheel," said Dost when MTV News caught up with the group the day before the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. "But nobody's complaining about circles, man."

"They can still get you places," Ruess added.

Antonoff and Dost said the goal for director Anthony Mandler ("Some Nights," Nicki Minaj's "Starships") coming out of the huge productions for the first two videos was to scale things down and show the band on the road, hanging out and doing the things they do on a day-to-day basis in those little moments some other directors might gloss over.

"Because the truth is, we obviously aren't civil war re-enactors, we don't indulge in riots in bars," Antonoff said. "[But] what I think is really great about this video is that there's all these scenes where you obviously can't hear us speaking because it's a music video, but we're laughing and talking together and no one could ever imagine, nor would we ever divulge the types of things that we're saying."

Though the end result sounds tame compared to their first two efforts, Ruess said it's his favorite video they've done to date. "Without a doubt, like I would say ... and I was blown away by the 'Some Nights' video and to me this one is five times better than that and I didn't think that was possible," he said. "I can't stand to look at myself on camera and I find myself actually obsessing over watching the video."