Kanye West Inspired Kim Kardashian To Adopt 'Sophisticated' Style

Kim talks about how her Yeezy-inspired fashion makeover shows she's 'growing up a bit.'

Don't believe everything you see on TV. Sure, Kim Kardashian let Kanye West upgrade her closet during an episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," but things aren't all that they seem to be.

"It was beyond what you see on a TV show in a couple of clips," Kim told Bossip during her Fashion's Night Out event at Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue in New York City last week.

Kimmy says that her new look is reflective of her growth and maturity over the past year. "So I introduced my stylist into the mix so we can kind of collaborate on a more sophisticated look on something that I felt kind of reflects my own personality and the changes that I've had in my life," she said of her Yeezy-inspired look.

Still, Kardashian admitted that she wasn't quite sure of her new duds at first. "In regards to all the clothes, I definitely kept all the stash to the side for a couple of months to make sure that I liked the new stylist that he introduced me to," she said. "I put all my stuff in a guest room of mine for two months and once I didn't really feel the need to take anything — I liked evolving, I liked growing up a little bit."

Now that Kim is comfortable with her new look, she is putting her old threads up on eBay and donating a portion of the proceeds to the Life Change Community Church.

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