Jude Law 'Pestered' Wes Anderson To Join New Film

'I'm very excited to be a part of that Wes Anderson family,' actor tells MTV News about joining the cast of 'The Grand Budapest Hotel.'

Right now is a good time to be friends with Wes Anderson. The writer/director, known for his unique visual style and idiosyncratic characters, regularly pulls from a pool of frequent collaborators, and he just scored the second biggest hit of his career with "Moonrise Kingdom."

For his next film, which is reportedly titled "The Grand Budapest Hotel," Anderson is calling on a mix of familiar actors and some talent he has never worked with before, including Johnny Depp.

One of the newest additions to the "Wes Anderson family," Jude Law, spoke with MTV News' Josh Horowitz during the Toronto International Film Festival for his new film "Anna Karenina" and shared his excitement to finally work with the director.

Law told MTV News that his role in "The Grand Budapest Hotel" is something that's been a long time coming. "I've been a huge fan of Wes," he said. "I pestered him with emails for years, saying 'I want to live in one of your films and I'd like to be in one of your films.' "

News of Anderson's wish list appeared in July, but we haven't heard much in the way of production details since then. Law, however, confirmed that Anderson should be shooting shortly. "[Anderson] sent me this wonderful script," he said. "I think we start work on that in January."

While Law hesitated to talk about the project at length, he did confirm Depp's involvement and the size of his own role. "It will be the usual team [of actors]. I have heard Johnny Depp is indeed playing a key role in it," he said. "I think my role is fleeting, but I'm very excited to be a part of that Wes Anderson family."

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