The Wanted's 'I Found You': A Disco-fied Gospel About Love

New single comes the day after British boy band's 2012 MTV Video Music Awards appearance.

The Wanted are praising the power of true love on their just-released new single, "I Found You." The dance track finds the guys pondering about being saved by that special someone over a bumping disco beat.

While the guys are no strangers to making dance tracks about girls, this song sonically and lyrically feels new for them, as they are not just chasing girls, but under the spell of one in particular.

It's also got a more old-school disco vibe to it, with a bit of lyrical gospel thrown in, especially in the breakdown toward the song's end where they sing, "I said, people/ We're all looking for love tonight/ But sometimes we can't see it/ We run by and find the love/ And we all get lost, all get lost/ Searching for that piece of mind/ Just when I have given up/ Looking for some kind inside/ That's when I found you, you, you."

The falsetto-filled chorus is stocked with that similar sentiment: "I found you, in the darkest hour/ I found you, in the pouring rain/ I found you, when I was all in need/ And your love pulled me back again/ Found your little river of pure emotions/ I found you, my only truth/ I found you and the music played/ I was lost til I found you, you, you/ Til I found you, you, you."

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The Wanted announced the single's release earlier this week. Their album will drop in 2013, and the single will officially be available in November, per Radio 1 in the U.K. The song was produced by Steve Mac, who also worked with the guys on their breakthrough hit, "Glad You Came," as well as several other tracks on their previous efforts.

The video for "I Found You" is expected to drop soon. It was directed by Chris Marrs Piliero, who has worked with Britney Spears, the Black Keys and Ke$ha, among others.

The song's release comes the day after the Wanted appeared at Thursday's 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, where they were on hand to present Best Female Video to Nicki Minaj. They were up for Best New Artist, but lost to One Direction.