Carly Rae Jepsen, Justin Bieber's Duet 'Beautiful' Leaks

Song snippet's lyrics recall One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful.'

Ahead of its full release, a snippet of the Justin Bieber/Carly Rae Jepsen duet, billed "Beautiful," is getting some buzz thanks to some comparisons to One Direction's inescapable, breakthrough hit, "What Makes You Beautiful."

On the folksy, mid-tempo tune full of jangly guitars and cutesy lyrics, the pair sing, "What makes you so beautiful is that you don't know how beautiful you are to me/ You're not trying to be perfect, nobody's perfect, but you are to me/ You try to take my breath away feel the words that I don't say/ I wish somehow I could say them now."

Bieber later on shares: "It's like you're the other half of me/ I feel incomplete/ Should have known/ Nothing in the world compares to the feelings that we share/ So not fair."

The sentiment of the chorus in "Beautiful" coincidentally feels very similar to the one that the 1D guys share in the chorus of "What Makes You Beautiful" where they sing, "You don't know you're beautiful/ That's what makes you beautiful."

Carly Rae lost to One Direction in the Best New Artist category at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday night. 1D won three Moonmen (also for Best Pop Video and Most Share-Worthy Video, the latter of which they took in a slugfest with Beiber) for their video for "What Makes You Beautiful." The guys hung out with Bieber after the show Thursday night, while Jepsen was out of town.

She previously told MTV News that "the Justin song, I'm kind of sworn to secrecy on because I think we want to release it together at one moment." With a bit of the song leaked, part of the secret is out, but a release date hasn't been set for when the full version of "Beautiful" will drop.

Her album Kiss, however, is ready to hit the masses later this month on September 18. In addition to hitting the studio with Bieber, she also cooked up tracks with LMFAO's RedFoo, Max Martin, Dallas Austin and her duet with Owl City, "Good Time."

Shortly after she drops the album, she will hit the road with Bieber on his Believe tour kicking off on September 29 in Glendale, Arizona.

"I don't know what to expect," she told MTV News earlier this summer. "I did one or two shows with Justin. One in London and one in Mexico City, and all I can say is, like, 'Wow.' They were huge — 300,000 people in Mexico City. I was speechless."

She added, "[How do you] take it in? I don't know that I totally do. I think that like in 10 years' time I'm gonna sit back and look at everything that's happening to me this year and actually have a 'whoa' kind of a moment. Right now everything's so fast and the pace of it so quick that I'm just kind of keeping my head to the ground and trying to do the best at getting through it."

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