What Did Demi Lovato Do After Performing At The VMAs?

Singer tells MTV News about her plans to 'put on sweatpants and take my heels off and just chill.'

Demi Lovato's experience at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards was a rather celebratory one. The singer's night was full of firsts. Not only was it her first-ever performance at the show, but it was also her first-ever nomination and win.

Lovato kicked off a night of memorable performances during the pre-show, where she performed her hit single "Give Your Heart a Break" outside the main show's venue in L.A. at the famed Staples Center. And while Lovato had shared that she was "really nervous" before she took the stage, her nervousness never showed as she shimmied her way through the track, her big voice on full display.

It was a feast for the eyes as the singer, donning a sparkling little black dress complete with leather motorcycle jacket, strutted down the red carpet and made her way to the stage. Soon after she hit it, she greeted her fans, and by the end of the song heart-shaped confetti was falling.

Watch the entire 2012 MTV Video Music Awards pre-show to re-live Demi's performance and win.

But that wasn't all for Lovato. She also won for Best Video With a Message for the stark clip for her sweeping Unbroken ballad, "Skyscraper."

Once it was all said and done, what did Demi do to unwind? She spoke to MTV News about what she likes to do after she puts on a big performance, like the one she amazed the crowd with at this year's VMAs. "The first thing I do is put on sweatpants and take my heels off and get rid of the makeup and just chill," she told MTV News about her post-performance game plan.

"I'm so honored to be a performer for the VMAs," she added. "I watched them when I was growing up and I still do. They're awesome. It's crazy."

It was clear after the show that Demi was pleased with her performance. As she left the VMAs, the smiling pop star was snapped leaving the venue in her car, waving goodbye to everyone. She tweeted her evaluation of the VMAs, writing, "Leaving VMAs ... what an amazing night!!"

After the show, it was back to work for the singer. Once she wrapped up her time at the VMAs, the 20-year-old headed off to judge singers on the "X Factor," which kicks off on Fox on September 12.

"Well, you know, I try to be positive as much as I can," she previously explained to MTV News about her newly-minted seat on season two of the revamped show. "But sometimes you've just got to tell people that singing is not for them. When I hear a good singer, sometimes I critique them so that they can be better. And it's not that they're bad."