One Direction Finish VMAs With Perfect Record, Katy Perry

After 1D go three for three at show, Niall Horan enjoys some Twitter flirting with Perry.


Direction's debut at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards was pretty massive. They won all three of the Moonmen they were up for, and they also dazzled the crowd with their thrilling performance of their Up All Night single, "One Thing."

The guys of One Direction kicked off their victorious night during the pre-show, when they took home some hardware for Most Share-Worthy Video for their sunny romp of a clip for "What Makes You Beautiful." Then, after Rihanna took the stage for her eye-popping performance during the main event, they were handed their second Moonman for Best Pop Video.

But the excitement for the guys only swelled more after they not only took the stage to perform, but then later again after their win for Best New Artist. One Direction currently stand at three for three at the VMAs: a pretty stellar debut, indeed.

So, are they worried they might be peaking too soon? Well, Louis Tomlinson joked, "I think every man worries about that at times."

In all seriousness, Harry Styles seemed pretty floored by the night they had. "We're just so happy to be here," he said. "For us to even be invited to the VMAs is an honor, and for us to even perform is incredible, so thank you so much for having us in your country and here."

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The guys not only graciously thanked MTV for the love, but also their always-loyal Directioners, who voted the guys to VMA victory. "Thank you to all our beautiful fans. Three Moonmen," Niall Horan said. "We love you guys. You're unbelievable."

It seems there was also some Twitter love for Horan from Katy Perry, who presented the guys with the Best New Artist Moonman but broke the boys' award during the handoff. The raven-haired songstress found herself in a bit of a Twittermance with Horan after the show. After Niall tweeted out a photo of the two exchanging a kiss when 1D took the stage to accept their Best New Artist prize, writing, "Looks like its official," she didn't seem to mind.

"I'll be your Mrs. Robinson...," Perry responded.

Before their impressive night at the VMAs, Perry certainly was on their hit list of folks the band wanted to hang out with at the big show. "I think it'd be nice to see Katy Perry again," Tomlinson shared. "We've seen her a few times now."

And any competition they may have had with Bieber for Most Share-Worthy certainly didn't show as they hit the City of Angels post-show and chilled out with the Believe singer. Bieber shared a photo of Niall and Zayn Malik, writing, "Chillin with the homies," and later sharing, "Guys night in full effect."