Lil Wayne And 2 Chainz 'Yuck' It Up On VMA Stage

Chainz and Weezy graced the VMA stage with not one, but two songs.

LOS ANGELES2 Chainz may be the new guy, but the dread-head rapper counts some pretty cool rap vets as friends — one on them namely Lil Dwayne Carter.

The tall and lanky Deuce took the 2012 VMA stage for the first time, towering over the set as the opening chords and violin stabs to "Yuck!" filled Staples Center. "Cut the top off, call it Amber Rose," Chainz spit, referencing Wiz Khalifa's once bald-headed, now very pregnant fiancée.

Chainz swagged left to right, rocking a black tee, black fedora and black glittery gloves — and of course, a pair of gold links around his neck. After the Atlanta-rap crown holder took full control of the stage, he called in the cavalry. Weezy skated through the crowd and ran up the stage mouthing the track's filthy hook. "Good weed, bad bitch/ Got these hoes on my d--- like Brad Pitt," he shouted through the mic as he emerged shirtless in cheetah-print shorts and fully exposed Trukfit boxers.

Tunechi, who usually wears shades onstage, drew the crowd and the televised audience in by revealing the passion of his rhymes through his eyes. Then, just as fans appeared to reach their peak, the DJ cut off Deuce's track and cued Weezy's newly released "No Worries."

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From there, the energy was raised even higher as Wayne jumped up and down tearing thorough the Dedication 4 single. Even Chainz, who isn't on the recorded version of the song, couldn't hold back his excitement as he began to hype the YMCMB boss up by accentuating Wayne's bars with persistent instructions to "Turn up."

It may have been hard for the televised audience to catch Wayne's profane lyrics, but we can't say he didn't give fair warning when he began his verse: "Tunechi in this bitch, everybody should be worried."

To cap things off after some encouragement by 2 Chainz, the rocked-out Weezy gave himself a running head start before he dived into the crowd, who happily held up their rap hero. It may have looked like a standout VMA performance to you, but really it was just two old friends having a little fun in front of a few million viewers — no big deal.