Victoria Justice's 'Fun Size': Get An Exclusive First Look!

Watch the first clip from the 'Victorious' star's big-screen debut, hitting theaters October 26.

Although we're sad to say goodbye to summer, the silver lining in the change of season is the action-packed slate of new movies headed into theaters. One of the many fall films we're looking forward to is [artist id="3152134"]Victoria Justice[/artist]'s big-screen debut in "Fun Size," and we were lucky enough to snag the exclusive first clip from the film.

In the clip, our costumed heroine Wren (Justice) and her friend April ("Suburgatory" star Jane Levy) are trying to get a ride to a Halloween party and in order to do so must use charm and mild flirtation on two of their slightly nerdy classmates, Roosevelt and Peng. Although hesitant at first, Wren flexes her flirt muscles by grasping Roosevelt's wrist. The obviously smitten teen quickly agrees to bend his parent's driving rules in order to chauffeur April and Wren to their party.

When MTV News caught up with Justice recently to talk about her big-screen debut, the "Victorious" star promised that "Fun Size" is a feel-good film for all audiences.

"There's lots of action and adventure but there's also a lot of romance and heart to this film," she said. "The experience of filming this movie was different for me because it all takes place during one night — I would say 85 percent of this movie takes place at night — so our call times would start at 7 p.m. and then we'd go and shoot all night until the sun came up and then we'd sleep during the day. So that was something, and we all had to really adjust to that but it made for a lot of fun."

One of those particularly fun moments involved a complicated-but-humorous stunt that involved a giant chicken and thrusting.

"Being in a yellow Volvo while a giant chicken is thrusting against this car was an interesting experience," Justice recalled with a laugh. "We had to move our bodies and shake a little bit — it was pretty hilarious. That doesn't happen very often."

"Fun Size," also starring Johnny Knoxville, Ana Gasteyer and Thomas Mann, sweeps into theaters October 26.

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