'Twilight' Trailer VMA Countdown: 'New Moon' Presents A New Jacob

Before unveiling tonight's 'Breaking Dawn' trailer at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards at 8 p.m. ET/PT, MTV News revisits other epic trailers.

What does Bella Swan's love life have to do with the "Highlander" films? Just like those immortal swordsmen, there can only be one lover in Bella's life — or at least that's what we thought prior to "New Moon."

We're looking back on "New Moon" as part of our "Twilight" trailer countdown, which all leads up to the premiere of the final "Breaking Dawn -- Part 2" trailer at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards on tonight at 8 p.m. ET. Even as we're on the cusp of Edward and Bella's journey drawing to a close, it's impossible not to remember all that came before — especially if you're Jacob Black.

Before "New Moon" hit theaters in 2009, fans enjoyed a first look at the second chapter of the Stephenie Meyer vampire drama through the Chris Weitz-directed film's very first trailer, debuted by Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. A third and final trailer made its world premiere just four months later at the 2009 VMAs, presenting a decisive look at all the new obstacles standing in Bella's way.

What obstacles, you ask? How quickly you forget that after Edward saved Bella's life from James, and well before their baby Renesemee ever entered the equation, the relationship between Edward and Bella was as far away from rainbows and sunshine as it gets.

Early on in the final "New Moon" trailer, Edward decides to remove himself completely from Bella's life, fearing the worst for her should she push deeper into the world of vampires. Bella, needless to say, doesn't take the breakup well, leading her to depend upon thrill-seeking activities to evoke memories of Edward and to fill "the huge hole" in her chest rendered by his departure.

Enter Bella's good friend Jacob, long hair and all. The werewolf-in-the-making does his best to appeal to Bella, telling her he would "never" leave her the way Edward did. He even rescues her after her "adrenaline junkie" ways lead her to jump off a cliff and into the icy waters below. But Jacob's chivalry, new short haircut and shockingly sculpted abs aren't enough to turn Bella's thoughts away from Edward, especially when one of the Cullens, Alice, comes to her with dire news: Edward thinks Bella died from her cliff-jumping antics, and he's about to provoke an ancient order of vamps called The Volturi into permanently ending his heartbroken existence.

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Above all else, the final "New Moon" trailer showed the expanding scope of the "Twilight" universe. A new love interest with a familiar face was born in Jacob Black. The series' deadliest threat to date arrived in the form of an overseas coven of blood-suckers. Indeed, "New Moon" took "Twilight" as far away from quiet Forks as humanly (or even inhumanly) possible.

With the final "Breaking Dawn" trailer set to premiere during the 2012 VMAs (tonight at 8 p.m.), we'll get to see just how much further the heroes and villains of "Twilight" can truly go before their story ends forever.

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