Nicki Minaj Can't Wait For Alicia Keys' VMA Performance!

YMCMB rapper says she's excited to hear Keys debuts a single on the MTV awards show, airing Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Alicia Keys is what we at MTV like to call a VMA Veteran. The powerhouse diva is taking the stage for the fifth time at the 2012 Video Music Awards stage when the show goes live on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT. For the occasion, she'll debut a brand-new track off her upcoming album, Girl on Fire.

While we already know that fans are excited to see Keys back in action, there's also one VMA nominee in particular who can't wait to see the singer perform: Nicki Minaj.

MTV News recently caught up with the Young Money rapper and she told us that of all the big performers set to hit the stage, Keys is the one she's most excited about because, like at the 2007 Video Music Awards, where Alicia performed "No One" for the first time, Keys will once again perform a new song.

"Alicia is always fun because she usually debuts a single on an awards show, and I remember when she debuted one of her singles on an awards show, 'No one, no one,' " Minaj sang. "I was like, 'How does she know people are going to love it right away?' So I'm looking forward to seeing that, if she's going to debut something new."

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Keys recently sat down with MTV News and revealed why the VMA stage is the perfect setting to introduce new material.

"It's the perfect setting. It's the right energy. It's the right vibe," Keys said. "People are so excited about the night of music and hearing different styles that it just goes over really well. I can't wait!"

The song will be the second single off her upcoming studio album, which finds the singer exploring the latest journey in her life. "I'm in my space and I feel more confident than ever to really just have a crazy, fun time," Keys said of performing at the VMAs. "It's so exciting to bring people into my world and where I've been and what I've been working on. And there's no better place in the whole wide world than the VMAs to do that, so it's gonna be crazy!"