Taylor Swift's 'Never Ever' 'Ex' Wants A VMA Invite: Watch Him Beg For It!

'I know you said never ever, never ever, never ever, but maybe I should come and hang out at the VMAs,' actor Noah Mills jokes.

Given the star-studded lineup of presenters and performers, we aren't the only ones counting down the days until the 2012 VMAs. Third-time performer Taylor Swift sat down for an "MTV First" last week and, not long after, she tweeted her excitement for Thursday's big show.

"VMA rehearsals every day this week, starting today!" she wrote. Swift will be performing a new song from her upcoming album, Red, whose debut single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," is currently dominating the charts.

But even Swift's "Never Ever" video co-star has gotten caught up in the Video Music Awards excitement. Actor/model Noah Mills, who plays Swift's ex-boyfriend in the video, recently told us that he would love to be on hand to help his leading lady with any performance or VMA-related needs.

"Taylor, I'm sorry. I know you said never ever, never ever, never ever, but maybe I should come and hang out at the VMAs a little bit," Mills joked to his onscreen ex. "I should be there for your performance at the VMAs and [to offer] moral support. I got nothin' better to do so please invite me," he added with a smile.

After all, Mills previously told MTV News that he and Swift got along really well and had fun shooting the clip, so maybe his message will reach her in time.

"When I met her and then [director Declan Whitebloom], they very much have this [shorthand]. They like to keep it light and jokey," he explained. "It's really smart, really witty and really quick. It was one take for the whole video, and then they had the band in those animal outfits which they were stoked about. They pitched the idea, and I understood it. The inspiration is pretty obvious."

Catch Taylor on the VMA stage on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT, and don't miss Demi Lovato as she graces our pre-show at 7 p.m.