Jay Electronica Hit Up Jay-Z To Perform At Made In America Festival

Roc Nation rapper hits the stage for a rare performance in Philadelphia, where he announced an upcoming collaboration with Chris Brown.

PHILADELPHIA -- Jay Electronica is finally inching closer to dropping his debut album Act II: Patents of Nobility, and on Saturday (September 1) the Roc Nation rapper made a rare public appearance, to perform at Jay-Z's Made in America festival. Judging by the fact that Jay Elect had to fight his way out of the crowd after the set, it's clear that his public is still looking out for him, and maybe that's why he reached out to his Roc Nation boss for a spot on the lineup.

During the final minutes of his performance, the New Orleans native jumped into the crowd to get better acquainted with fans and it took him quite awhile to fight his way out. When he finally emerged, he explained that he actually hit up Jay-Z about performing at the Philadelphia festival. "Actually I sent him an email saying, 'You didn't ask me to perform at Made in America,'' Elect told MTV News, laughing at his boss' reply. "He's like, ' Ohh, you still perform? Ha.' You know. He always has jokes like that. "

Jay Electronica has been largely absent from the spotlight in recent months, making fans question whether or not they would ever see his Roc Nation album materialize, but this performance was part of the process.

"It's Jay's festival and it's Philly at the same time, it's a good way to get my feet back wet," he said. "I've been missing from the stage for a long time. It's a good way to come back."

His set for the night included "Abracadabra," "The Ghost of Christopher Wallace," "Eternal Sunshine," and "Exhibit C" which were punctuated by shoutouts to Philly, some political commentary and plenty of acapella verses. He thanked Philly for their support when his hometown New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and in the same breath accused the government of destroying the levees and having a hand in the 9/11 attacks.

However bold his statements were, the crowd still continued to rock with him and they were likely more surprised by the last bombshell he dropped before he hopped off the stage. Although a recent tracklist for Act II showed features from Jay-Z, Kanye West and even his ex Erykah Badu, Elect announced that his next single would feature Chris Brown, and that's all he would reveal for now.