Taylor Swift Preps VMA Performance For 'Entire World Of Music Fans'

'Never Ever' singer is getting back together with the VMAs this Thursday, but she admitted she's 'really, really nervous' for the reunion.

Taylor Swift is ready to get back together with the MTV Video Music Awards. The "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" singer is set to take to the VMA stage on Thursday to perform a new track from her upcoming album, Red.

On Saturday (September 1), Swift took to Twitter to say she is already hard at work perfecting her big performance.

"VMA rehearsals every day this week, starting today!" Swift tweeted.

MTV News recently caught up with Swift and asked her what it takes to put on a memorable VMA performance.

"You get really nervous," Swift admitted. "It's a mixture of all these emotions of excitement of nerves of planning, of making sure that you have enough rehearsal time, know all your blocking ... 'cause the thing about the VMAs is, the people that help put together the performances are honestly some of the best people you have ever worked with and they put together these huge, vast, massively entertaining performances and you have to make sure that you are ready to go onstage and face the entire world of music fans that are watching that show."

This won't be the first time that Swift has faced the VMA crowd. In 2009, after her acceptance speech for Best Female Video was interrupted by Kanye West, Swift made her performance debut as she took over the streets of New York with an unforgettable performance of "You Belong With Me."

The following year, Swift was back and ready to make a statement, and that she did. Swift addressed the incident with West from the year before with Speak Now track "Innocent."

After two VMA performances, one would think Swift would have no problem getting right back onstage this year, but she says she still has to psych herself up before she performs. So what exactly goes through her mind?

" 'Do not mess this up everything will come crashing down if you mess it up,' " Swift said. "It's a little more intense and the voice is a little meaner, but that's basically what happens."

Swift, who debuted the video for "Never Ever" during "MTV First: Taylor Swift," added that one of the main reasons behind her jitters is because it is, after all, the VMAs.

"I get nervous — really, really, really nervous," Swift admitted. "Because I think that there's a point where you feel like 'OK, this is pretty close to cruise control; we're on the stage, I'm walking, my legs are working right, it's fine .You're not shaking, you're great, everything's cool.' Like, you can get yourself there mentally, but I definitely get nervous before I go on especially if it's like an awards show that's huge and important like the VMAs."