'Lawless' Star Shia LaBeouf Calls Moonshine 'The Quickest Drunk'

'Ten seconds and you're gone,' actor tells MTV News

In addition to being all about blood and violence, John Hillcoat's Prohibition-era drama "Lawless" is also all about the booze and three brothers' bootlegging of said booze — moonshine, to be specific.

When MTV News caught up with stars Shia LaBeouf and Jessica Chastain recently, they revealed whether they had become fans of the potent spirit.

"No, not a fan of moonshine," LaBeouf said, hinting that he'd had some experience with it, but that those days are behind him. "Listen, there was a time I was full bore. Now, it's not my thing. I wouldn't go to moonshine ... It's rough, man, really rough," he emphasized. "Rough in that it's the quickest drunk you've ever experienced — 10 seconds and you're gone."

Speaking of rough, LaBeouf and his co-star Tom Hardy were so into the spirit of playing up the familiar, teasing aspects of actually being siblings, that the two got into a little on-set scuffle during filming.

"That wasn't moonshine-related at all," LaBeouf said about the incident. "That was just straight love. There was a lot of love on set in general, there was a lot of aggression in me and a lot of aggression on [Hardy's] side. We were playing brothers, there was a constant finger-in-the-ear [teasing] thing going on for a while, for a while. [My character] Jack is dealing with that.

"I didn't have to conjure anything on this set, I just had to look around. This was part of that," he explained. "My thing with him, my girlfriend happened to be on the set that day which creates a vulnerability, and it was just the wrong day. [But] it was all love. I love the dude like a brother, straight up."

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