'Daily Show' Correspondent Relives Highlight Of RNC: The Empanadas

Jessica Williams tells MTV News the five things she learned from the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

After three action-packed days of speeches, meetings and schmoozing, the Republican National Convention came to a close in epic fashion, thanks to an impassioned speech by official presidential candidate Mitt Romney and an unexpected digression from actor/director Clint Eastwood.

Now that the dust, balloons and confetti have settled, MTV News wanted to uncover a few of the convention's unreported storylines, via expert observer and "Daily Show" correspondent Jessica Williams. Here are the five things Williams took away from her first-ever RNC experience as an attendee:

Convention Attendees are Good and Bad

"I've seen some of the best people and some of the worst people. A lot of people are skewed to their opinions. They think that just because someone has different beliefs than them, they are the worst possible people. But I've seen some of the nicest people and also some of the worst, so it's very balanced."

Try the Empanadas

"I had an empanada that was very good that I was excited about. It was a spinach artichoke empanada that wasn't half bad. That was a highlight of mine. Another was seeing our set for the first time, which had nothing to do with the convention, but it was just so cool."

It Smells Like Disneyland — and Grannies

"What's weird is that it kind of smells like a theme park. It smells like mist from people coming in from outside, but it mostly smells like a theme park. There were a lot of women there who I walked by and thought, 'Oh my gosh, you smell like my grandmother.' Grammy, bringing me back home."

Tampa Isn't Terrible

"I like Tampa, actually. We got to go to a couple bars, and the weird thing about Tampa is that it reminded me of California. I'm from Los Angeles, and it has this tropical vibe. Some of the places are a little beachy, which I love. I really enjoyed it, but it's hot and muggy, and my hair is getting messed up."

The Big Takeaway: Budgets and Balloons

"A lot of money goes into this stuff. Politics are important to people. Sometimes it's all that anyone cares about. And also, balloons and confetti falling looks really cool. I was watching it and thought, 'Oh sh--, why am I not covering just the balloons and this balloon situation?' "

So, how is Williams prepping for next week's Democratic National Convention?

"I am going to prep for the DNC by sleeping," she said. "I'm going to take the weekend, have a couple of mimosas, kick up my feet, read 'Game of Thrones,' and just get into my personal space so I can be extroverted for the next week."

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