Lil Wayne Debuts Dedication 4 Trailer

'If you come to my crib, you can come check it out, I'll give you a copy, swear to God,' Weezy tells fans who can't wait for September 3 release date.

The wait is almost over. After a couple of pushbacks, Lil Wayne will finally bless fans with Dedication 4 on September 3 at 4 p.m. ET, with DJ Drama on Live Mixtapes.

Weezy made the official announcement Friday (August 31) with a fancy trailer that he put together with video director DJ Scoob Doo on his Bread Over Bed website.

Tune even flashed a copy of the disc on camera for the skeptics. "Listen, man: D4 is done. It's right here," Tunechi said in a vlog.

Since Dedication 4 is helmed by DJ Drama under his famed Gangsta Grillz mixtape series, Team Wayne was extra cautious with how they delivered this mixtape in an effort to keep pirate DJs at bay. Rather than simply leak the tape out on the Internet, Wayne's manager Cortez Bryant wanted DJ Drama to do the honors of releasing it to the public, or so Weezy tried to explain. He admittedly didn't know the steps in the digital distribution process. "All I do is rap and skate," he said. "My job is done, my part is done."

Tunechi's core fans have been eagerly awaiting the tape since its first scheduled drop date on August 15, but now they only have to wait just a few more days and for those who can't Weezy offers another option. "If you come to my crib, you can come check it out, I'll give you a copy, swear to God," he teased. "I'll give you 10 copies."

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