'Resident Evil' Mastermind Describes Bringing Michelle Rodriguez Back From Dead

'I wanted to see Michelle again,' Paul W.S. Anderson tells MTV News of 'Resident Evil: Retribution,' as part of our Fall Movie Preview.

The fifth entry in the "Resident Evil" franchise is something of a "Resident Evil" all-star edition, with familiar faces returning from earlier installments left and right. Sure, Oded Fehr's Carlos expired in "Resident Evil: Extinction," and Michelle Rodriguez's Rain died in the 2002 original.

But series mastermind Paul W.S. Anderson figured out a way to bring them back, thanks to the mythology-expanding premise of "Resident Evil: Retribution," which reveals more about the Umbrella Corporation and their experimentation with the T-virus. The writer, director and producer recently joined real-life wife Milla Jovovich (Alice, of course, in the flicks) and Rodriguez to explain it all to MTV News.

"I wanted to make a truly epic postapocalyptic film. That's what we set out to do," Anderson explained of his reported second-to-last entry in the video-game based series, which begins with a recap of the first four. "We wanted an epic scale. We've been all around the world shooting. We went to Tokyo, Moscow, Washington DC, New York City. To add to that epic feel, I wanted to bring some of the dead characters back."

"Resident Evil: Retribution" takes place mostly inside an underwater Umbrella Corporation base filled with simulated environments, including an idyllic suburban neighborhood and a re-creation of Times Square. Alice and Ada Wong are battling to escape from a possessed Jill Valentine. An old foe turns up to help them against another old foe, which leads them into a climactic battle setting up the sixth (and final?) movie.

Rodriguez, who has spent the decade since the first "Resident Evil" starring in movies like "Machete" and a little flick called "Avatar," was one of the main alumni on the franchise Svengali's mind for quite some time. "I wanted to see Michelle again," he said, as Rodriguez smiled.

"On the first movie, there was a point where she had a bullet wound in her head. When we were shooting that, she came up to me with blood trickling down her forehead and she said, 'Paul, you're really going to regret doing this.' And you know what? She was right!

"As soon as the movie came out and we started talking about making another one, it was such a bummer that Michelle couldn't be in it," he added. "We've spent a good chunk of the last few years trying to figure out how to bring Michelle back. Thank goodness we finally did."

Rodriguez shared Anderson and Jovovich's enthusiasm. "Aw, I love you guys!" she gushed.

"The only problem is having these two women on set together, because obviously they hate one another," Anderson deadpanned, as Rodriguez and his wife displayed their obvious affection for one another. "As you can tell from their relationship, they don't get on at all."

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