Ari Graynor Says 'For A Good Time, Call...' Cameos Are 'Comedy Gold'

Naughty chick flick, out Friday, features appearances from Kevin Smith, Seth Rogen.

Ari Graynor displays her prowess for saying very naughty things to strangers over the phone in the new female buddy comedy "For a Good Time, Call...," out Friday. Graynor, along with Lauren Miller (who also co-wrote the screenplay), decide the best way to make rent money in the Big Apple is by kick-starting their own phone-sex line, cooing dirty prose to the men who call them up.

But Graynor noted that the film is about a lot more than getting strangers hot and bothered over the phone. "It was really freeing and really fun. And the phone-sex piece of it, we weren't making, like, a phone-sex documentary, so we always wanted it to be funny first and sexually titillating never," she joked to MTV News. "And it was fun. I mean, one of the messages that comes out — it's not a message movie, but if you wanted to take something away is sort of this ownership of yourself and owning your sexuality and using it as a way to get to know yourself better."

The ladies say some rather provocative lines, but Graynor explained that when things got real on set, that's when everyone felt, well, undressed emotionally.

"I think that was true for us in a sense, anything that felt real or intimate, that's when we all got a little blushy or nervous," she noted about the film, which features a lot of sexy talk but also covers some substantial issues like love, friendship, self-discovery and unemployment.

"But the crazier things, no one would bat an eye, like the props guy being like, 'Hey, you want the dildos in or out on this one?' It wouldn't even register on anyone's face because we would say such crazy nonsensical things all the time."

In addition to hilarious turns from Graynor, Miller and Justin Long, who plays their gay bestie, the film also includes super-funny cameos from the likes of Kevin Smith, Ken Marino and Seth Rogen. Graynor explained how they were able to nab those folks for the indie flick.

"Lauren slept with Seth because she's married to him, so that's OK," she joked about the real-life married couple. "And Kevin Smith and Ken Marino were friends, I think, of Lauren's. And [she] wrote letters and asked for favors and they were so supportive and so enthusiastic. It was so fun to have them come on."

The NSFW language the guys sling at them in the film, she added, was completely done off-the-cuff. For their part, the ladies were very surprised by what they came up with on the other end of the line. "We had worked out our dynamic, and then to have fresh blood come in and do their thing, we would stay pretty on-script, but with some general phone-sex vamping. And then they went crazy," she recalled. "You cut it together and it's comedy gold and it's genius."

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