Taylor Swift Threw 'All Modesty Out The Window' For 'Never Ever' Clip

Before she takes the stage at the VMAS, Swift talks to 'MTV First' about her five wardrobe changes for 'Never Ever' video.

VIf there's one thing we've learned about Taylor Swift over the last few years, it's that the young lady knows how to write catchy tunes. That's why we're so excited for her Video Music Awards performance, when she'll debut a new track from her Red album. And if her performance is anything like her video for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," it's going to be a blast.

MTV was lucky enough to premiere the video via "MTV First: Taylor Swift" on Thursday (August 30) after which the Swift stuck around to chat about it with MTV News' Sway Calloway.

One of the most unique aspects about the video is that it was shot in one, long continuous take, which required lots of clever maneuvering on behalf of the cast and crew, and some furiously fast outfit changes by Swift.

"All modesty had to go out the window," Swift said about throwing off shirts and dresses mid-song for her five, very quick costume changes. "All my clothes were put together with Velcro and snaps so that I could have three different outfits layered on top of each other."

"The costume changes were really hectic," she continued. "[We did them] in real time; it was crazy. At one point, I had a breaking point. 'I can't do five costume changes, there's not enough time!' but we ended up being able to do it."

Another group of performers who had a semi-breakdown about the costumes in the video were the members of Swift's band, who thought they were going to be decked out in stylish duds — only to be told last minute that they'd be performing in fuzzy animal costumes.

"All of the sudden, they wheel in their costume rack, full of animal costumes, and they were so mad," Swift recalled with a devilish look in her eye. "It was hilarious. They were so angry. It took a couple hours, but they finally embraced it. It ended up being absolutely hilarious; they are really funny in that video. They owned it."

Do you dig the band's animal suits in "Never Ever"? Give us your fashion sense in the comments!