'Dredd 3D' Takes You Under Iconic Helmet With Exclusive Featurette

MTV News' Fall Movie Preview gives you a glance at futuristic world of adapted comic-book character.

The final day of our action-packed Fall Movie Preview offers up a sneak peek at "Dredd 3D," via a new featurette which continues to set the stage for a gritty, intense and highly stylized action adventure.

The nearly two-minute package shows off more of the futuristic world where the only individuals worried about justice and order are Judges, particularly our ruthless, badass protagonist, Dredd (played by Karl Urban). Interspersed with a few quick cuts of Dredd zipping around the city, maintaining order, flipping cars, shooting guns, etc., are testimonials about the unique and dangerous complexities of the character from the film's cast and crew: Urban, director Pete Travis, writer/producer Alex Garland and "Judge Dredd" creator John Wagner.

"He's your greatest hero and biggest nightmare wrapped up in one," Wagner says with pride.

In addition to the featurette, MTV News was lucky enough to chat with Urban and his leading lady co-star Olivia Thirlby, who plays rookie Cassandra Anderson, about why we should all be excited to see this new take on the cult favorite.

"You couldn't respectfully call it a Judge Dredd movie if I'm taking my helmet off," Urban said when asked about his commitment to the character. "That's the way the character was conceived by ['Dredd' creator John Wagner] back in 1975. I was a fan of this comic growing up, and when I learned that they were going to do a completely new reboot, I read the script, and as soon as I saw that we were treating it with respect that was it."

Urban went on to say that despite his honorable intentions in staying in character in the helmet for the entire duration of the film, it added an extra layer of difficulty to everyday actions.

"There were many challenges of making this movie. For example, I don't have my eyes. That's a huge tool for an actor," he said. "That meant I had to explore every other element to me. The voice, the movement, how you do what you does becomes very important. It was a huge challenge."

"It's amazing how it turned out, though, how the character of Dredd really comes to life," added Thirlby. "I think that the transition from the comic Dredd to the live-action Dredd played by Karl is really amazingly seamless. Watching the film now, I'm so impressed with what he was able to do with a quarter of his face showing. You get, I think, the sense of Dredd: this larger than life man, in the way that he walks and especially in the way that he talks, that scowl," she explained. "But I'm definitely happy that I did not face the same challenges and got to take the helmet off. [Laughs]"

"Dredd 3D" opens in theaters September 21.