'So You Think You Can Dance' Gets 'Ratchet'

While the usual standouts continued to shine, Witney Carson was a surprise star on this week's 'SYTYCD.'

There's just a few more weeks until "So You Think You Can Dance" crowns America's favorite male and female dancer. It's no secret that favorite doesn't always mean best; the most likeable personality seems to be favored over the most capable dancer. But this season, we're seeing quite an impasse.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson of "Modern Family" returned as guest judge alongside Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe to critique the final eight. As the competition stiffens, two more dancers are eliminated.

She's Ratchet!

In a good way. 18-year-old stunner Witney Carson was totally out of her league when she undertook east coast hip-hop with "SYTYCD" alum Stephen "tWitch" Boss. Who knew the little ballroom princess could be so "ratchet" without even knowing? Carson was the surprise of the night, receiving praises from all the judges.

Character Rules

Despite dancing next to season-eight winner Melanie Moore, Cyrus "Glitch" Spencer proved that personality will take you far in reality competition. "Your charisma and your spirit and your pants kept my eyes on you," Ferguson told the robot dancer, who is arguably the most loved of this season.

The Little Dancer Who Could

The Allen Iverson of "SYTYCD," Tiffany Maher shows time and time again why she is the little dancer who could, performing a contemporary routine that Murphy called her "best of the season." Despite her petite frame, Tiffany dances larger than life, proving that even though she hasn't been this season's shining star, she's in it to win it.

Usual Suspects

Eliana Girard, Chehon Wespi-Tschopp and Cole Horibe have now officially conquered the quickstep, tango and contemporary (respectively), and it is no surprise the three powerful and graceful dancers are among the judges' favorites, yet again. "It's almost like this show was created for you," Lythgoe told ballet dancer Girard, who seems to mutate every week to fit every style thrown at her. Wespi-Tschopp won a standing ovation for his performance and earned a tough spot on Murphy's "Hot Tamale Train," while Horibe was foreshadowed to make it to the finals.

Going Home

Unfortunately, two dancers had to be eliminated. Lindsay Arnold and Will Thomas found themselves in the bottom two and the judges did not choose to keep either in the top six. Although Arnold has consistently delivered, she lost out to fellow ballroom dancer and best friend Carson, whose star potential outweighs that of Arnold. Thomas found himself against Horibe in the bottom two and it was almost a no-brainer. Thomas' flamboyant personality might have been a little too much for viewers and was no competition for Horibe's impeccable skill.

Find out which dancer comes out on top next week as America narrows it down to the coveted top four on next week's "So You Think You Can Dance."

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