Victoria Justice Flexes Comedic And Romantic Chops In 'Fun Size'

'Victorious' star tells MTV News about her family-friendly fall flick.

Although Victoria Justice's time on the small screen in "Victorious" is coming to an end, the likable 19-year-old is expanding her horizons in several different ways with a foray into music — setting out on her first North

American tour this summer — and will be lighting up the silver screen in this fall's family-friendly Halloween-themed film "Fun Size."

MTV News recently caught up with the busy bee to talk about why she wanted to tackle the role and some of the comedic antics the cast and crew got into during filming.

MTV News: What kind of girl is your character, Wren?

Victoria Justice: Wren is a normal teenage girl. She's kind of dealt with something in her life that was pretty tragic, and she has a bit of a broken family now, and she doesn't have as much respect for her mom as she did at one point because her mom, played by Chelsea Handler, is going through this mid-life crisis and is dating this younger guy who Wren is not too fond of, and she's always forced to babysit her little brother Albert, and I think she hasn't had a completely normal teenage experience because of all these responsibilities.

MTV: What did you enjoy most about filming "Fun Size"? How was it different from your days on "Victorious"?

Justice: The experience of filming this movie was different for me because it all takes place during one night — I would say 85 percent of this movie takes place at night — so our call times would start at 7 p.m. and then we'd go and shoot all night until the sun came up and then we'd sleep during the day, so that was something, and we all had to really adjust to that but it made for a lot of fun.

MTV: You mentioned doing some fun and outrageous stunts for this movie. Was there one in particular that was more memorable than others?

Justice: I'd say being in a yellow Volvo while a giant chicken is thrusting against this car was an interesting experience. We had to move our bodies and shake a little bit — it was pretty hilarious. That doesn't happen very often.

MTV: What do you think people will love most about this film?

Justice: I think definitely the comedic aspect. There's lots of action and adventure but there's also a lot of romance and heart to this film.

"Fun Size," also starring Johnny Knoxville, Ana Gasteyer and Thomas Mann, sweeps into theaters October 26.