Channing Tatum Charms Real-Life Wife (And Us) In Exclusive '10 Years' Clip

MTV News snags a look at the actor's high school reunion film.

No matter how far away from or close to your 10-year high school reunion you might be, the familiar or stereotypical anxiety and sense of dread surrounding them make perfect storytelling fodder for Hollywood. The latest entry into the High School Reunion movie canon is the star-studded ensemble "10 Years," which features a who's who of popular young stars including Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Chris Pratt, Ari Graynor, Justin Long and Kate Mara, to name a few.

As part of our action-packed Fall Movie Preview, MTV News is proud to deliver a brand-new clip from the film that features a charming scene between the Tatums, a married couple who also play one in the film. In the one-minute sneak peek, Jess (Dewan-Tatum) is in the ladies' room putting on her lipstick when Jake (Tatum) bursts into the room, playfully chastising his wife for taking too long and leaving him alone to fend for himself.

We soon learn that the purpose of the cutesy and affectionate interruption by Jake, while genuine, is really about a dutiful husband coming to his wife to request permission to join his high school buddies in the smoking of some weed. Jess laughs at her husband's request, grants permission but advises him to take it easy since he's a "lightweight." They continue the adorable back-and-forth until Jess catches Jake looking at her lovingly in the mirror.

"Why are you looking at me?" she asks.

"I love looking at you," he answers.

Aww. (We couldn't help it). If that clip isn't enough to get you excited to see this all-star cast, revisit the trailer and let a snippet from our recent chat with co-star Ari Graynor entice you even more.

" '10 Years' was like going to movie camp," Graynor said. "We lived in the same hotel that we shot at, and I think there was like 18 of us like this incredible, like the most amazing group of actors ever," she recalled. "It was all improvised. It feels like our diary. The fact that that's coming out is crazy cause I think none of us realized it was going to be like a real movie."